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Dinner Tonight: Mushroom Curry

I tend to do most of my shopping on Sunday, so by the end of the week I'm usually staring at a fridge that's seen better days. Usually all I can find is empty containers of olives, gnarly sprigs of parsley, and cut-up onions wrapped in plastic. But this week I had a whole bag of unused cremini mushrooms. I figured it would have to be some kind of omelet (I always tend to have eggs around), but was stopped when I found this recipe from the Indian cooking site Pachakam. It's essentially a mushroom curry, and I miraculously had all of the necessary ingredients.

What I find so interesting about some Indian-inspired recipes is that they can turn a leftover meal into something unique and delicious. Though the ingredient list often looks long, once you've got the basic spices, the rest of the ingredients are really simple. The only odd one here is cashews, which I pilfered them from a "party mix" can of nuts. Good thing, too. They bring a rich and creamy quality to the otherwise spicy sauce. I make no case for the authenticity of the dish, or what exactly to call it, but it is warm and comforting, and way more flavorful than the leftover meal it began as.

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