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Grilling: Stuffed Jalapeños

Truth be told, I'm not much of a football fan, but I'll take almost any hours-long, live televised event as an excuse to get my friends together and indulge in my favorite party foods. So even though I'd be hard pressed to even name who's playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday [Um, that would be Pittsburgh and Arizona. --Ed.], I'm eagerly awaiting the big game because it gives me a chance to grill up a batch of stuffed jalapeños, among other things.

Stuffed jalapeños are one of those foods that somehow always causes a reaction way beyond their minimalist recipe. The procedure could hardly be more simply: seed a bunch of jalapeños, stuff with cream cheese (I like adding some cheddar into to mix for mine), top with bacon, and grill or bake for about 30 mins. There's something so right in this combination though. The jalapeños mellow out while cooking, leaving a fruity flavor with only a slight heat that balances out with the cream cheese, and the bacon adds that salty cripsness that brings the whole bite together. These are great hot or at room teperature, making them perfect for setting out, and popping as a long night in front of the television unfolds.

Grilled Stuffed Jalapeños

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