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Serious Heat: Chipotle-Bacon Salsa

Editor's note: Gretchen VanEsselstyn of Chile Pepper Magazine, will be dropping by each week with a recipe for heat freaks. This week, though, in honor of the Super Bowl, she'll have a recipe a day before the big game.

Where there's chipotle, there's smoke. These medium-hot, flame-licked, ex-jalapeƱos are the greatest convenience food we know--widely available in canned form, they come with the bonus of spreadable, fiery adobo sauce. Our salsa was inspired by the affinity between smoked pork belly--otherwise known as bacon--and the campfirelike flavor of chipotles. Raise your hand if you dunk your grilled cheese in ketchup. Yup, we do too. But this salsa may change your ways.

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