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Dinner Tonight: Shortcut Tacos al Pastor with Tomatillo and Chipotle Salsa

I hope I wasn't the only one who watched Anthony Bourdain's season opener of No Reservations where he and his crew visited Mexico City and Puebla and ate about a hundred tacos al pastor. After eating each one Bourdain would groan with such ecstasy, I was overcome with genuine taco jealously. I needed one.

This started out as the anti-Dinner Tonight. I figured I would find a ridiculous recipe that would require days of preparation, a marinade, and some contraption I hadn't yet built to roast the meat. But as I searched I kept hitting road blocks. Rick Bayless, my mentor for all things Mexican, didn't seem to have a recipe, and many of the sites that did have something looked dubious. I finally came across a little blurb that Rick Bayless had written for Epicurious where he professed his love for tacos al pastor before admitting that he's never given a recipe because it's nearly impossible to make at home. He does recommend Rubi's at the Maxwell Street Market (in Chicago suckers!), which I will have to check out.

But it's not all a downer. At the end he tosses away a simple recipe that he uses when he doesn't have much time but still wants that al pastor taste. And it really couldn't be much simpler: No marinade, just a quick dip in chipotle sauce and a sizzle on a grill. Definitely not the same tacos I had dreamed of, but still incredibly good and remarkably quick.

Shortcut Tacos al Pastor with Tomatillo and Chipotle Salsa

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