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Red and Green Recipe: Baguette Croutes with Brie, Avocado Mousse, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Put some holiday color on your plate, too, with Red and Green Recipes.

The holidays are all about cocktails and finger food, and don't these sound fancy! But then again, the holidays are also all about illusion: a winter wonderland of artificial snow, indoor forests, flying quadrupeds, and twinkling lights. In reality, there’s nothing to these simple French-bread toasts: Toast the baguette, place a piece of brie to warm on the hot bread, top with a mixture of mashed-green avocado, citrus, and whipped cream, and adorn with red, chewy, and salty-sweet sun-dried tomatoes. The baguette is crisp and comforting. The avocado is light, bright, and luscious. The brie is pungent and pairs perfectly with the creamy avocado. And the sun-dried tomatoes bestow a salty sparkle on the whole affair. They are two-bite incarnations of holiday elegance and festivity.

About the author: Kerry Saretsky is a Serious Eats intern and the creator of French Revolution Food, where she reinvents her family's classic French recipes in a fresh, chic, modern way.

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