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Dinner Tonight: Quick-Fix Fajitas

Though four hours would be considered ideal, I managed to dunk this skirt steak for just 40 minutes in a marinade I found on Recipe Gullet, and it still came away with incredible flavor. The dueling citrus flavors of lime and orange balance nicely with a slight tinge of heat and the earthy spices. A simple squeeze of lime might be considered all that's necessary for fajitas, but sometimes that's just a little too tart. It was nice to have a gorgeous balance that didn't take an eternity.

Everything else about fajitas is quick. Perhaps more important than the marinade is the cooking method. I've been guilty of producing limp, oily vegetables in more than a few fajita dinners. The way to beat that: high heat. Every vegetable has access to a mighty hot pan and is cooked until it just starts to blacken but still has a little crunch.

The best part is, you can forget the rest of toppings. You'll need no salsa, sour cream, or cheese here. Just a pinch of salt and a little lime juice. The flavor is good enough to stand on its own.

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