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New York-Style White Pizza

White Pizza. Photograph by The Pizza Review

Everyone has a food that they love so much or crave so often that they will eat it even after just having finished Thanksgiving dinner. For me, that food is white pizza. If I am presented with a slice, or see it in a window or among the pizza pies at the pizzeria, I will eat it. If you feel the same way, then this quintessential white pizza recipe can turn your oven into your favorite New York corner pizza place.

My only edits would be that if you're really craving a white pie, buy the dough at the best local pizzeria near you, as this dough takes a day to be ready. Also, most pies I've seen have mozzarella on top, as well as ricotta, so you could always adapt and add a bit of that as well.

New York-Style White Pizza

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