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Healthy & Delicious: Basil Chicken Pasta

When it comes to dinner, I classify recipes three different ways: those I’d serve to guests, those I’d serve to family for a weeknight meal, and those I’d serve only to myself, preferably while watching The Office with a brimming glass of Cabernet. Like most of All Recipes’ dishes, Basil Chicken Pasta falls somewhere between the weeknight family and Dunder Mifflin options.

In my experience, All Recipes hasn’t always been a bastion of health-minded food. For a long time, it seemed the majority of dishes included a pre-packaged mix and/or Cream of Something Awful soup. But that looks to have changed in the last two years or so. They’ve attached nutrition information on almost all of their recipe pages, and even designated a whole section for Healthy Cooking. It’s much appreciated, and there are gems to be found, like the aforementioned Basil Chicken dealie.

Quick, tasty, and easy enough for my 25-year-old Cabbage Patch Kid to pull off, the meal also possesses a nice versatility (meaning, you can add just about anything) and stupendous leftover potential (meaning, you’ll be eating it for days). A serving comes out to about 350 calories, with a little under 10 grams of fat, so there’s that, too. Ultimately, it highlights all that’s good and pure about All Recipes: convenience, flexibility, and a crowd-pleasing flavor. And that’s never a bad thing, Cream of Something Awful or not.

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