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Dinner Tonight: Carrot and Ginger Soup

I already knew the local dining destination, Hot Chocolate, had one of the best desserts I'd ever laid a fork on, but I was astonished that their regular menu had so many gems as well. Nothing surprised me more than a simple bowl of carrot ginger soup. I declared, right then and there, that I'd make this soup at home soon. Less than a week later I found myself with an armful of carrots and ginger, wondering what on earth I should do next.

I didn't have much idea what I needed to do to make the soup really stand out. Most recipes for it seemed either too boring or too complex. I ended up using this one from Wolfgang Puck as a starting point. I got rid of most of the extravagant flourishes—the deep friend ginger and three different colors of carrots—while keeping the interesting flavorings: turmeric, honey, and red pepper flakes.

Instead of a bland blended soup, this one is dynamic, creamy, and a perfect hearty soup for the cold season.

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