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Dinner Tonight: String Beans with Tomato, Olive, and Garlic

As summer vegetable season draws to a close, I'm finding late-season produce still available at the market, and it needs a little more attention in the kitchen.

Tomatoes aren't quite as glorious raw with a little basil. At this point, their flavor needs some heat and coaxing to emerge, perhaps as a tomato sauce. String beans, as well, are a bit tougher and need stewing. When I bought two kilos of yellow string beans recently, which were a bit old and tough, I turned to an Italian recipe made just for them.

Green beans with tomato sauce is a relatively common pairing in Italy. I started with a recipe from Lidia Bastianich's Italian-American Kitchen, but also turned to The Silver Spoon and liked the idea of adding chopped onion, a few olives, and leftover basil. The emerging dish was no groundbreaker, but it was classic and comforting and a good honest use of my beans.

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