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Dinner Tonight: My Perfect BLT

Reading the Serious Eats Talk thread the other day about creating "The perfect BLT" set my stomach seriously rumbling. I hadn't eaten a good proper BLT in ages, and the 50+ comments were full of opinionated Serious Eaters making the case for their own secrets to success—many ideas of which I agree with (ciabatta bread, adding avocado), and others I don't (honey mustard, untoasted bread). So here's my two cents on the matter.

First, the thickness of the bacon is absolutely paramount. If at all possible, I buy slab bacon and slice it myself, or better yet, make my own bacon. If not slab or homemade, it's got to be the thickest stuff available. I then cook it over very low heat—draining off fat occasionally if necessary—for about 20 minutes so it's very well-browned and crisp, but thick enough to not shatter and remain satisfyingly chewy. Secondly, the mayonnaise has to be homemade—nothing store-bought gives that rich tang I crave. Fortunately, homemade mayonnaise takes less than 2 minutes to whip up.

Though the homemade russet chips alongside this sandwich helped matters along, this sandwich was great on its own.

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