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Dinner Tonight: Moorish-Style Chickpea and Spinach Stew

I found this recipe from Jose Andres Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America while searching Recipe Gullet for a way to use chickpeas. Though I already have a chickpea soup I quite like, I was lured here because of the paste made from the bread and garlic--and the use of paprika and saffron. I couldn't wait to use that latter spice, as I had just gotten it as a gift and looked forward to busting out the little red threads and seeing what kind of culinary ecstasy they could induce.

I was so excited about this soup that I probably built it up a little too much up in my imagination. It was a fine soup with a beautiful, deep red broth. But since I wasn't completely leveled by it, I came away a little disappointed. To be fair, the original recipe starts with dried chickpeas that are cooked from scratch, a step that would have certainly added more flavor but also one that would have taken a lot longer. Sadly, I took the short cut and ended up with a soup that I wished had just a little more flavor.

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