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Dinner Tonight: Curried Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Tomatoes

The secret to the dish is the ghee, a clarified butter that is rich, nutty, and addicting. It's also, unfortunately, the one step that takes the longest. I have seen it sold in big jugs at Indian supermarkets, but I can't vouch for whether they are good substitutes. I suppose you could just use butter and the curry would still be flavorful. But making the ghee couldn't be simpler, and because it leaves the milk solids behind, it has a long shelf life.

This dish also continues my love affair with cauliflower, a mysterious vegetable that I had always passed on the vegetable tray. But when cooked it develops these haunting flavors which marry well with the spicy curry powder and the ghee. The chickpeas break apart toward the end of the meal, thickening the sauce and giving this meatless dish some heft. Thanks go to Tyler Florence for this one.

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