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Dinner Tonight: Couscous-Stuffed Peppers

The stuffed peppers I remember from childhood were green, filled with ground beef, rice, and tomatoes, and a staple at church potlucks. Warm, filling, comforting, and starchy—a classic American dish. But Americans aren't the only ones who saw a bell pepper and thought "edible bowl." It seems that you can stuff a pepper with just about anything. In this recipe, from Andrew Schloss's Homemade in a Hurry, it's a couscous and chickpea mixture spiced with Moroccan flavors, and inside the pepper waits a molten nugget of goat cheese.

If the whole stuffing-a-pepper enterprise doesn't appeal, it's not critical—the flavors of the dish are what shine, not necessarily the presentation. In fact, next time I might skip the stuffing approach and slap the peppers down on the burner to char them, slip off the skins, then chop them up and mix in with the couscous. It would take less time and taste just as comforting. But it might be a little less fun.

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