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Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Zucchini and Beaten Egg Yolk

This pasta is a peaen to the power of flour, milk, egg yolk, and pasta water. With small quantities of these four ingredients, it's possible--and relatively quick and easy--to create a sauce of rich creaminess. On top of that, this particular recipe from Marcella Hazan's The Essentials of Italian Cooking calls for a pile of deep-fried zucchini strips and a handful of cheese. All said and done, this isn't exactly the healthiest dinner I've made recently.

But it was one of the most delicious, and next time, I'd make it healthier by forgoing the deep-frying in favor of a quick saute for the zucchini strips--which would be similar in texture, but would save time, calories, and the expense of all that oil. The key is to save lots of pasta water, which will bring out the creaminess if the dish is plated and gets too dry. It will also save you if the egg yolk begins to scramble in the pan, like mine did.

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