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Grilling: Chili Rubbed Pork Chops with Corn Salsa

With September now upon us, I've been feeling that dreaded sensation that summer is coming to a close. In these last fleeting days I wanted to make good use of the seasonal harvest still around, deciding on a grilled corn salsa to spotlight the delicious tomatoes and sweet corn about to be replaced by their tasteless, winter counterparts.

Not satisfied with merely grilling corn, I also stopped by my butcher and picked up two beautiful one and a half-inch thick thick pork rib chops. After a quick molasses brine, I rubbed the chops down with a chili rub, took them to the grill, then topped them with the corn salsa. The combination of the juicy, spicy pork and sweet corn salsa was excellent. It brought together the freshness of summer vegetables with the taste of the grill, keeping the season alive just a little bit longer.

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