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Dinner Tonight: Cauliflower with Green Beans and Ginger

I wasn't much interested in the toasted cumin, the minced ginger, or the heat from the red pepper flakes. I picked this recipe mainly because of its similarities to another cauliflower dish I had made a year ago from the Babbo Cookbook. All the rest are incidentals. I wanted the nutty notes of sauteed cauliflowers balanced by sweet onions. Who cares if this recipe lost the pasta and added a whole bunch of other things?

I did get rid of the carrots because that would have meant that I would have to leave the apartment. I'm sure they would have added some nice color and sweetness to the proceedings, but I didn't miss it. Everything turned out all right. While I loved the cauliflower, the mutilated green beans were what surprised me the most. Thanks to the high heat, they got richly caramelized and just slightly blackened. Oh, and all those spices lend the dish a gorgeous fragrance that just added to the enjoyment.

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