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Dinner Tonight: Black Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa

Black bean and corn make an inspired pair. I've explored this union before, but was interested in this particular recipe from the cookbook Bistro Latino by Rafael Palomino because of the corn-roasting and almost complete lack of embellishment. Sure, actually grilling the corn would probably be the better option here, but this technique works. The corn kernels become super sweet and fragrant, and make for an excellent salsa.

It also helps to have good black beans. Most canned versions are fine, but I made a fresh batch that worked especially well. After that, just add some garlic, oil, cilantro, and tomato to round out the dish. Use it as a dip or salsa, or go the route of my wife and I—we just scarfed down the entire bowl with a spoon.

About the author: Nick Kindelsperger is a co-founder of The Paupered Chef, a blog dedicated to saving time and money while enjoying food in every way possible. He sells wine for a living and lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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