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Cook the Book: Salmon with Scotch Whisky Sauce

Book CoverScottish barbecue? Isn't the country more famous for oats, barley, and boiled potatoes?

Scotland actually produces many of the best meats in the world, from Angus beef, to venison, lamb, and game birds such as pheasant and grouse. All of which make for superior spit-roasting. And then of course there's fish. The Scots are renowned for their salmon, often smoked over apples or fragrant chips of wood.

Today's Cook the Book recipe, excerpted from The Best Barbecue on Earth by Rick Browne, is for Salmon with Scotch Whisky Sauce. The major difference between Irish and Scottish whiskies involves the drying of barley after the malting process. The Scots heat their barley over smoldering fires, which produces a smokey flavor. In Ireland, the barley is oven-dried, which makes for stronger malt flavors.

For this recipe, an inexpensive, blended whisky will do. Save the good stuff for an after dinner, fireside nightcap.

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