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Dinner Tonight: Linguine with Crab and Chili

My seven-foot tall Sun Gold tomato plant is ripening with beautiful orange cherry tomatoes faster than I can use them (see last week's recipe). My favorite use by far though involves pasta. This particular one comes from my food hero Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall via an episode from his television series called The River Cottage. After diving for spider crabs, he prepares this for fellow diving mates on the beach.

Next time I'll remember not to skimp on red chilies or chili flakes—their spicy flavor is crucial to livening the mild flavor of crab meat and pasta. I'd also use only half as much crab as called for, and spend the saved money on a better quality version from the fishmonger (the refrigerated canned brand from Trader Joe's was hard to resist at $9). Otherwise, this is a beautifully simple dish that can only be properly made during the summer.

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