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Grilling: Thai Beef Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

I'm known for going a little overboard with the food when I grill--actually, make that a lot overboard--leaving my guests little incentive to make their own. I need to learn to cut back, because when people do come with their own creations, they tend to be eye-opening, like a Thai basil wrapped beef that graced my grill recently.

I started recreating this dish by mixing ground chuck with spicy Thai chilies, fish sauce, sugar, mint, and green onion. Then I formed the meat into small logs, wrapped each one in a Thai basil leaf, threaded them on skewers, and put them to the heat. The finished product's beauty was on par with its taste, which had all the heavenly flavors I equate with Thai cuisine. Give them a quick dunk in simple Thai dipping sauce, and they're all the better.

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