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Grilling: Peaches with Fresh Raspberry Sauce

For all my love of raspberries, I rarely cook with them--their cost gets in the way. So it was a joy to see a huge sale sign above six remaining boxes of raspberries on a recent trip to the grocery store, marking the end of the short raspberry season when prices drop dramatically. I quickly bought all that were left on the shelf and started cooking with them at home.

Almost all of these went into an excellent raspberry sherbet. The leftovers got pureed into a syrup to top peaches, perhaps the greatest of grilled fruits. After one taste of the sauce, the bright flavor of the raspberries had me rushing to the grill to take care of the peaches, expediting this tasty union.

Peaches grilled and sauced, I thought I'd be in heaven, but was surprisingly left in purgatory. Something was sorely missing--and that was vanilla ice cream. With none on hand, I went for the next best thing: heavy cream whipped with sugar and vanilla to dollop on the peaches. Suddenly, all was right in the universe.

About the author: Joshua Bousel blogs about grilling on his blog, The Meatwave, and appears weekly here on Serious Eats during grilling season.

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