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Cook The Book: Churrascaria Marinated Steaks with Chile-Lime Sauce

The word churrascaria comes from churrasco, the Portuguese term for barbecue. Churrascaria restaurants are popular in Brazil, though they can be more than a little overwhelming for unsuspecting tourists. Diners can literally eat for hours, as passadores (special meat waiters) circle the tables carrying long rotisserie skewers called rodizios laden with grilled beef. The only way to stop the proceedings is to wave a small white flag or red disk, signaling to servers that you're finally full.

Today's Cook the Book recipe, excerpted from The Best Barbecue on Earth by Rick Browne, is for churrascaria marinated steaks with chile-lime sauce. The grills used at traditional churrascaria restaurants vary in size from eight-foot tall rotisserie racks, to enormous concrete pits where the meat is hung from steel rods, to simple earthen pits with wooden logs and wooden skewers. Don't quite have the space to accommodate such a massive barbecuing structure? Not to worry. Rick has adapted this recipe for home cooks and everyday backyard grills.

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