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Cook the Book: Charlie's Chocolate Pudding Cake

Book CoverAlmost everyone is a chocolate lover. But recently, more and more people are making the leap to chocolate connoisseur. This new breed of aficionado is interested in more than milk vs. semisweet, Scharffen Berger vs. Callebaut. They want to know the math—specifically, the ratio of cacoa to other ingredients in their beloved bars.

To that end, Fran├žois Payard, author of this week's Cook the Book selection, Chocolate Epiphany, specifies certain percentages of chocolate with each recipe, instead of calling for "unsweetened" or "bittersweet."

Here is a simple guide:
38-40% = milk
50% = semisweet
60% = bittersweet
72% = extra bittersweet
99-100% = unsweetened

Today's recipe for Charlie's Chocolate Pudding Cake calls for 50 percent, or bittersweet, chocolate, which Fran├žois notes is best for ganaches and fillings. Indeed, this dessert is about as rich as they come. Since it is baked in a water bath, it retains a molten, pudding-like center. Then in the final stages, it is coated in a rich, fudgy glaze that imparts an impressive shine.

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Charlie's Chocolate Pudding Cake

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