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Dinner Tonight: Marinated Tomatoes with Linguine

My favorite kind of tomato sauce is a raw one. Despite the supposed romance of long-simmered tomatoes cooked down over the course of hours with herbs, garlic, and spices, I usually lack time or energy for that. When it's summer and fresh tomatoes have all the flavor you could want, cooking them somehow seems criminal.

All the tomatoes need is a quick blanch to help peel off the skins, then a half-hour bath in fruity olive oil, garlic, and slivered basil (plus liberal amounts of salt). The longer you can marinate the better, but the flavors mingle well (and I start to get hungry) after thirty minutes. Afterwards, small chunks of fresh mozzarella go in—when the whole thing is tossed with hot pasta, the cheese turns gooey in the heat.

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