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Cook the Book: Grilled Tuna with Mango Dipping Sauce

Book CoverI don't know about you, but the first time I tried to cut up a fresh mango I ended up with a pulpy mess. I tried to peel it like a potato with a vegetable peeler and then dice the flesh. I didn't take the mango’s core into account, or the fruit’s inherent slipperiness.

According to Toni Lydecker, author of Serves One, to properly chop a mango you must hold it with the narrower end facing up and make two big slices along either side of the pit. Then score the flesh in a criss-cross pattern and scoop out the cubes with a knife or a large spoon. The result: flawless, uniform squares of fruit.

In today's Cook the Book recipe, Toni purées fresh mango chunks with lime juice, cilantro, and Asian chili paste to make a vibrant, tropical sauce for a meaty grilled tuna steak. She suggests pairing this restaurant-worthy dish with couscous and sautéed snow peas.

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