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Basic Pound Cake

Part of Bruchetta Dolce

With an extremely heavy batter lacking any leavening, aside from that provided by the aeration of the butter and sugar, this pound cake tends to rise and fall during baking, yielding an air space between the baked cake and a fragile shell of an upper crust. If you're looking for picture-perfect slices to serve with tea, this is not your pound cake. It is, however, the perfect choice for bruschetta dolce, with a dense, solid crumb that stands up to toasting and juicy toppings better than its spongier, leavened counterparts. Before slicing the cake, just break the fragile upper crust off of the loaf and store it in an airtight container for use in trifles or as an ice cream topping (or just eat it as is—it's delicious).

This pound cake, like most, keeps extremely well in the freezer. Leftovers can be sliced, stacked with double layers of parchment in between, and wrapped tightly, ready to be used in your next bruschetta dolce.

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