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Dinner Tonight: Spinach, Pea, and Feta Cheese Salad

The sign at the market said "give peas a chance." Who can argue with that? Among all the vehement vegetable dislikes that have carried over from my childhood, a dislike of peas is the only one left. Beets? No problem. Brussels sprouts? Roast them with a little balsamic and give me a fork. Yet I still eat around the peas, whether they're suspended in a macaroni and cheese or on the side of a plate by themselves.

Still, the photograph for this recipe, in Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef (his fava bean and asparagus salad won me over earlier this week), was enticing: big casual crumbles of feta cheese, bright green peas, well-dressed leaves of baby spinach. Turns out, like many vegetables that I first encountered frozen or canned, peas taste a whole lot better when they're fresh! It took me 15 minutes just to slide them from their pods, but I put on a good album and found a rhythm, and actually kind of enjoyed myself. So there—I gave peas a chance.

About the author: Blake Royer lives in Brooklyn and spends most of his free time cooking and writing about it here at Serious Eats and on The Paupered Chef. From 9 to 5 weekdays, he works as an assistant book editor in Manhattan.

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