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Cook the Book: Slow, Low Oven Ribs

Book CoverI love everything about ribs: the smoldering aroma; the dripping sauce; gnawing the last, crispy bits of meat from the end of the bone. But I've always been a bit too intimidated to make them at home. For one thing, I don’t have an outdoor grill. For another, all the spice rubs, pastes, and condiments (soy sauce? ketchup? dry mustard?) were overwhelming, not to mention selecting the type of ribs themselves—babyback, short, or spare? Beef or pork? Whenever I craved a barbecue feast, I'd sooner hop on the subway to Dinosaur than roll up my sleeves in the kitchen.

But Martha Hall Foose, author of this week's Cook the Book selection, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, has me inspired. Today she shares her simple, no-frills recipe for Slow, Low Oven Ribs. Not only is the ingredient list super-short (10 items, including salt and pepper!), but Martha also recommends using Country-style pork ribs, which are relatively inexpensive. Best of all, they can be prepared through the final steps up to a day ahead, then finished just before dinner.

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