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Cook the Book: Pompano in a Foil Bag

Book CoverGrilling is commonly associated with big, bold flavors; hearty portions of meat slathered with sauce; and vegetables dripping with butter-based marinades—not exactly heath food. If you're not careful, backyard dining can sabotage your waistline.

But it doesn't have to.

There are plenty of ways to grill lite. Today's Cook the Book recipe, from New South Grilling, is for Pompano in a Foil Bag. Mild, white fish filets (if you can't find pompano, substitute mahi-mahi or red snapper) are sealed in packets with wine, spices, and aromatics, and then placed on the grill to steam. The results are incredibly flavorful, and the aroma that rises when the foil packets are spit open is truly something special.

This dish would be a great way to celebrate Father's Day without added fat and calories—because you want Dad around for years to come.

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