Menu: Father's Day Brunch

Why should moms get sole dominion over brunch? Brunch is the perfect Sunday holiday meal. It commences after late rising and a leisurely morning and entails the best of both breakfast and lunch. Drinking a few mimosas or Bloody Marys with your latte and OJ is an integral part of the ritual. Most of all, kicking off Father's Day with a tasty, leisurely meal is a good way to say thank you to, and celebrate with, dad.

My father doesn't eat steak, but if he did, I would whip up classic steak and eggs. He wouldn't say no to Bourbon Vanilla French Toast, though. Michelada, a Mexican beer cocktail, has a Worcestershire and Tabasco fueled kick reminiscent of a Bloody Mary. And what dad doesn't love beer?

Menu: Father's Day Brunch

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