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Cook the Book: Sea Scallops alla Caprese

Book CoverToday's Cook the Book recipe, excerpted from Mario Batali Italian Grill, embodies the spirit of summer—it's fresh, light, and effortless. Sea scallops are as easy to grill as any Oscar Meyer wiener, and the results are far more fabulous. Paired with heirloom tomatoes and bright green basil, and dressed simply with olive oil, coarse salt, and a hint of lemon, Sea Scallops alla Caprese is sure to be a hit at your beachside Memorial Day barbecue.

For this recipe, Mario grills the scallops alla pistara, which means on a flat griddle over a hot fire. You can use a regular stovetop griddle or an old fashioned cast iron pancake pan in a pinch, or purchase Mario's own pistara which is made from rust-proof granite.

Sea Scallops alla Caprese

Adapted from Mario Batali Italian Grill

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