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Grilling: Sweet Potato Salad

I spent a lot of my winter attempting to perfect the roasted sweet potato. The pursuit of the perfect balance between creamy interior and crunchy exterior proved a difficult one, but alas I triumphed and the experience left me a certified sweet potato junkie. The spring has marked a turn toward greener vegetables, but withdrawal hit me hard this week and I had to return for another taste of the that velvety orange sweetness.

Although roasting the ideal sweet potato was no easy feat, grilling made easy work of this. There was a catch with this though: by the time the sweet potato would be fully cooked inside, I'd be left with one massively charred outside. So in order to achieve a potato worthy to satisfy my addiction, I had to first boil it until slightly soft, then finish the cooking on the grill. I added some spring greenery of scallions, cilantro, and a lime vinaigrette to finish the dish. Although the dressing soaked away some of the great crispiness I got grilling the potatoes, the end result was still more than enough to get me through until the next craving hits, which is bound to be soon.

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