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Dinner Tonight: Ginger Fried Rice

There were moments of doubt. About three different times during the process of cooking this meal I turned to the fiancée and said we should just scrap it and make a more traditional fried rice recipe. Many of the hallmarks of a fried rice recipe were ignored, including no high heat and no scrambling of eggs. But, just like the eggplant I made last week, I was calmed by the fact this was a Jean-Georges recipe. And it certainly doesn’t taste like any fried rice I’ve had before. The flavors are perfectly clean thanks to the ginger and, because of the leeks, slightly sweet. But the best part is the runny yolk that drips over every grain of rice, making it a much more cohesive dish than it first appears.

You can just toss the rice in a bowl and flop the fried egg on top, but the dramatic presentation pictured above is surprisingly easy. Just put half of the rice into a small bowl, set a plate on top of it, then flip both over so that the rice bowl is upside-down. The rice should be mounded nicely on the plate. Flatten the top slightly with a spatula and set the fried egg on top. Of course, as soon we started eating we just busted the yolk and mixed everything up. But still...

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