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Dinner Tonight: Dan Barber's Brussels Sprouts

A while back, Nick wrote about a balsamic-glazed Brussels sprouts recipe that he seemed relatively happy with. Now, I personally happen to have the greatest, simplest balsamic Brussels sprouts recipe known to man in my repertoire—a recipe that converts the non-lovers and the childhood-fearers—which I found on a flyer when I visited Dan Barber's upstate restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Although I wanted to write about my Brussels sprouts recipe, Nick had already covered that territory—I cut my losses and moved on.

But then I was visiting him this past weekend, and we picked up a bag of Brussels sprouts. While we were trying to figure out how they should be cooked, I offered to take over with Barber's recipe. Upon tasting them, Nick immediately began interrogating me as to why this recipe hadn't show up in the Dinner Tonight column. I pointed out that he had already laid claim to this particular vegetable-vinegar combination, at which point he feigned ignorance and told me he didn't remember. When I proved it to him, he conceded, but also gave me the permission to declare this particular recipe superior.

This is the balsamic-glazed Brussels Sprouts recipe—it's dead easy and takes less than ten minutes.

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