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Cook the Book: Curried Lamb Kabobs

Book CoverToday's Cook the Book recipe for Curried Lamb Kabobs is perfect for a last-minute summer grilling party. In season two of Top Chef, contestants were challenged to create a dish using jarred mayonnaise, prepared barbecue sauce, or bottled Italian salad dressing. Marcel Vigneron created this recipe, which doctors up plain old Hellmann's with spicy curry powder and sweet honey.

Mayonnaise is a great ingredient for anyone looking to create sophisticated meals in a minimum amount of time. With just a few simple additions, it transforms from a basic condiment into a savory sauce, dip, or spread. Try tossing in some lemon juice and chopped garlic for an easy aioli, or make a quick tartar sauce with chopped capers or cornichons and a pinch of minced shallots.

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Curried Lamb Kabobs

Adapted from Top Chef: The Cookboo

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