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Cook the Book: Gemelli with Smothered Cauliflower and Saffron

Today's Cook the Book recipe, the first to be excerpted from Lidia's Italy, is for Gemelli with Smothered Cauliflower and Saffron. Distinctly Sicilian, this fragrant pasta dish combines traditional ingredients such as pine nuts, fresh basil, golden raisins and...anchovies.

While my first experience with anchovies was less than savory (it involved, at the tender age of six, a wayward topping on a slice of Papa Gino's cheese pizza) I've since learned to appreciate the salty, hairy little fish. I'd still never eat one whole or unadorned, but I love the briny flavor they impart in Caesar salads, olive tapenades, and puttanescas. In this recipe, just one tablespoon of chopped fillets is enough to enhance the entire dish.

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