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Dinner Tonight: Spinach with Mint and Crème Fraîche

Tell me if this sounds familiar: I was rooting through the fridge trying to figure out what was salvageable and what needed to be tossed away immediately. Back behind the carton of milk was that nice big container of crème fraîche that I had used so brilliantly earlier this week. And there was a half a package of spinach, which I used the other half of as the base for the shallot vinaigrette. And hidden in the bottom, underneath an old carrot, was a perfectly usable batch of mint from...I can't really remember. It was time for all these desperate ingredients to have a second go round—I just needed a recipe that would use them all.

A quick google search found this promising recipe for spinach with mint and crème fraîche that used all the ingredients in a simple, quick way. The only thing I didn’t have were the green onions, but I just substituted some shallots for that kick. I sided this up to a wonderfully roasted chicken wrapped in bacon. The fresh mint helped and tangy crème fraîche helped make the side a nice reprieve. I just wish I would have had more leftover spinach to actually have seconds of it.

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