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Dinner Tonight: Salad of Shrimp and Roasted Peppers

I’ve been stuck on Saveur for a few weeks now, mostly because I’ve been able to find little gems like this one. The magazine likes to search for truly authentic dishes and explores their origins in longer written pieces. Salad of shrimp and roasted peppers is actually an adaptation of a traditional Italian dish which substitutes the hard to find eel (well, in the Midwest at least), with the far more approachable shrimp. Everything else is pure simplicity. How can so few ingredients create something so fresh and flavorful?

The recipe suggests steaming fresh shrimp, though I suppose you could use pre-cooked shrimp to save some time. In fact, if you have roasted red peppers on hand this little recipe can be whipped up in record time. It just probably won’t taste as good. There was something special going on when the warm peppers and shrimp mix with the mint and parsley. The smell wanders around the kitchen tempting you to dig in before it cools properly.

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