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Dinner Tonight: Kale, Onion and Cheddar Frittata

I am going to start cooking more frittatas—they are quite affable about taking whatever leftovers you throw at them, without complaining. Meat, cheese, vegetables, the egg will wrap it all in its creamy self. With luck, it will taste fine warm or even at room temperature the next day. It's like a quiche with no bother about making a crust, or an omelet with no flipping.

This particular recipe comes from Orangette, which I found by kicking around the Internet while looking for what to do with some lacinato kale—also known as black tuscan kale, cavolo nero, dinosaur kale—which was getting droopy in my fridge. Lacinato is a darker, less woody version of the leafy green monster, but you can use regular kale with similar results. Though I'm used to steaming it, this recipe eschews moisture for long, low cooking, which allows deep caramelization and flavor to develop while the kale maintains some crunch. It was a nice contrast to sharp cheddar and the soft eggs, though I definitely cooked my frittata a bit too long, so it lacked creaminess. Overcooking is easy to do, so watch out.

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Kale, Onion and Cheddar Frittata

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