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Dinner Tonight: Bourdain's Mushroom Soup

"This is a ridiculously easy soup to make.” Well, okay then. Nothing like Anthony Bourdain telling you what to do. I was just innocently flipping through Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook, grazing over his faithful French adaptations, when I came upon a recipe that sounded like the perfect Dinner Tonight recipe. How can you go wrong a recipe even he says is the easiest recipe in the whole book?

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes in that I snuck a look at the simmering time and noticed that it was an hour. That makes this recipe a little longer than most, but Bourdain was right about one thing: it is easy. Maybe I thought it took too much effort to make a delicious mushroom soup, but this thing can’t be stopped. I did have some fabulous homemade stock at my disposal and some good looking mushrooms, but there is no trickery here, no crazy techniques or ingredients. The sherry is about the only thing I don’t normally have. Other than that, it’s just some standard onions mixed with mushrooms, which somehow combine to make this fantastic soup. Even though I had to simmer the soup for about an hour, it was still one of the easier weeknight meals I’ve made, and, honestly, one of the most flavorful.

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