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Sunday Supper: Linguine alle Noci (Linguine with Walnut Sauce)

This Mario Batali pasta recipe for Linguini alle Noce (with Walnut Sauce) is so delicious, so simple, and so inexpensive it is the perfect Sunday dinner (or brunch for that matter) for everyone, from college students looking to rustle up a little grub to avoid eating at the dining hall, to harried urbanites like me looking to produce a satisfying meal for their family quickly and easily, Of course most college students are home now for the holidays, so I told my 20 year-old son Will that he should make this for his friends on New Year's Eve. The walnuts and the bread crumbs are an inspired combination. Mario says in the headnote in Holiday Food that when the noodles are cooked and then dressed just right they taste great even at room temperature.

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