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Dinner Tonight: Spanish Potato Omelet

I once had an actual Spanish man teach me how to make this dish. This version isn’t quite right, but it is a tad easier. The original recipe fries the potatoes in olive oil to soften them up and then fries them again in some more oil with the eggs. It’s a beautiful thing but slightly exhausting. You have use a lot of oil to fry that many potatoes, and then you have literally wring them out. It takes time. It was nice when the Spanish man did it for me.

This version comes from One Potato Two Potato, hopefully a book with a few things to know about the tuber. Instead of deep-frying the potatoes, it layers them in a baking dish with some onions. It’s not quite the same but still delicious. This recipe takes a good hour, and requires some serious plate flipping skills, but the ingredients are surprisingly few and the end result worth it. The fiancée and I had a dinner out of this—and a few more breakfasts. Not bad for a few eggs and potatoes.

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