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Dinner Tonight: Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi

Most of my experience with gnocchi is with the potato kind. I do love it, but it takes time. By the time the potatoes have baked, an hour has already gone by. Then you have to let it cool, and then finally set about mixing everything together. But with ricotta gnocchi, you can start with the mixing. It makes this version a perfectly legitimate weeknight meal.

I actually made my own ricotta for the meal, but that certainly isn't necessary. And while it makes potato gnocchi seem excessive, it comes out just as light and heavenly. A light tomato sauce wouldn't be bad, nor would a b├ęchamel (which the Silver Spoon recommends). But I just sprinkled with a little more of the Parmesan and called it a day. Oh, and I almost forgot: That's all because of the spinach, which adds some much needed color, and a depth a flavor that would escape the cheese.

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