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Dinner Tonight: Garlic Soup

I finally got the courage to make this. Maybe it’s just the title, but it was never something salivated over. I just gave in because of Daisy Martinez, host and author of Daisy Cooks, loves it so. This soup was even in her top 10 hits stuck in the front. So finally, after I realized I didn’t have much else to eat but I always have garlic, I decided to try it.

Out of some very meager ingredients, comes a full and surprisingly luscious soup. I think it was the combination of the andouille and that egg. I was secretly very scared that I’d mess it up, but it turned perfectly. When you open it up, the yolk filters through the broth and thickens it up nicely. Of course, I didn’t realize until right about five minutes ago that I’ve had both onion and garlic soup this week. Good thing the fiance likes me. I wouldn’t suggest this with anyone you’re unsure of.

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