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Cook the Book: Lamb Kofta

Since my friend came back from a trip to Turkey 3 years ago, every time we eat any kind of kebab together, he reminds me of how amazing the lamb kofta was—once he had his first bite of the spiced minced meat doused in bright tangy yogurt and smoky hot sauce, it was all he wanted to eat for the rest of the trip. Each time he tells me about it, I just get jealous and start secretly planning my own trip to this wondrous land of delicious meat and yogurt. Since his return, his Mom has tried to recreate the dish, but it has yet to live up to the kofta of his dreams. I think I’ll send over the recipe I found for lamb kofta from The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The New Classics and maybe I’ll give it a shot to satisfy my own kofta cravings. It might seem like an unlikely source, but I have faith in the Martha Stewart test kitchens. The recipe is listed as a starter, but I’d also stuff them in a pita with all the extras, especially the yogurt mint sauce. Hopefully, this will satisfy me until I can make it over to Turkey and eat all the kofta and doner kebabs I can get my hands on.

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