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Latkes from 'A Passion For Potatoes'

I've never entered a latke-making contest, I've never even tried to come up with one on my own. That doesn't mean I'm not one of the great latke eaters of our time. When my grandmother was alive she would sometimes make a hundred latkes at chanukah. I'm sure she never used a recipe, and if she did, it was never passed on to us. So about ten years ago, when we started hosting my family's Chanukah party I searched high and low for a latke recipe that could withstand the intense scrutiny the Levine family would subject the recipe to. That's where Lydie Marshal's Passion for Potatoes comes in. It's a terrific all-potato-all-the-time cookbook, and it has the most delicious, foolproof latke recipe I have ever come across. In fact Marshall adapted the recipe from Raymond Sokolov and Susan Friedland's book, The Jewish-American Kitchen. How good is this recipe? The loud and loquacious Levine family is sometimes silent as they chow down on these latkes.

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