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Dinner Tonight: Pasta With Tomatillo Sauce

Sure, I’ve got enough turkey leftovers to feed me for a week. But what I’m usually looking for on the day after is some kind of reprieve from all the madness. While I truly love the All-American meal, I usually like something that is nice and light with an acidic kick. Turns out, all I had to do was look a little farther back in the fridge.

I hope by now everyone has heard of Batali’s Chicken With Green Sauce. If not, then please check it out. You’ll get some moist and full-flavored chicken, but you’ll also be left with some fantastic green sauce. I had so much I decided to save it and see what else it could do. I found this idea in the “riff” section of Rick Bayless’s Mexican Everyday. He called for a roasted tomatillo salsa, but Batali’s chicken with green sauce works, too. Turns out it makes a nice sauce for some pasta. Who knew?

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