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Spiced Fried Almonds

I tend to instinctively go for the simplest recipe when I open a new cookbook, probably just so I know what I'm getting myself into. If everything is terribly complex, then I know to save the book for special occasions. But when it has a whole list of simple ideas, I know I can immediately jump in. And that's what happened when stumbled on Janet Mendel's My Kitchen in Spain. Sometimes that seems the easiest way to get into a new book, especially one that claims to have more than "225 authentic regional recipes." I need a place to begin.

By chance, I also had a stash of raw almonds that desperately needed something to do. Everything else for the recipe was in my pantry. More like a bar snack than some of the intricate dishes passing as tapas, this is dead simple and perfect for munching with one hand still holding your drink. I guess that is its real purpose in life anyway.

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