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The Best Roast Chicken Recipe? Who Wants to Try It With Me?

There's a hint of fall in the air, I'm feeling a tad frisky, so I'm finally going to tackle the Zuni Cafe roast chicken recipe. I've had Judy Rodgers' famous roast chicken and bread salad many times at her restaurant, and it is so fine, but I've always been intimidated by the thought of making it at home because, well, the recipe is 4 3/4 pages long in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook. 4 3/4 pages long! It's the Moby Dick of roast chicken recipes.

But I re-read the recipe last night, and realized that half of the 4 3/4 pages are devoted to the bread salad. Well, I just made an executive chef cooking decision to skip making the bread salad and concentrate on the roast chicken, which still takes a full weekend to prepare. As I might need a hug to get through this recipe, I'd like some other Serious Eaters to consider making the Zuni roast chicken as well. That way, we can suffer together, compare notes, and either swoon or cry in unison when we finally get to taste the fruits of our labor. Only when we taste will we know if Rodgers' obviously obsessive method for roasting chicken is worth the Herculean effort it entails.

Here goes.

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